Officials: 2 people arrested after 10 pounds of meth sent to wrong address in Minnesota

Boston 25 News WFXT
Boston 25 News WFXT

ELK RIVER, Minn. — Two people have been arrested after about 10 pounds of meth were sent to the wrong address in Minnesota, officials say.

According to the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office in a news release, two people were arrested at the end of June after deputies learned that 10 pounds of meth were mailed to a home in the Elk River area. SCSO said a woman took “possession of the package.”

WCCO said that investigators were tipped off by a concerned resident who brought them the box that was mailed incorrectly. When they opened the box, they found drugs inside that was later determined to be meth.

Investigators conducted surveillance on the address listed on the package, which is where the package was supposed to go, according to SCSO.

Investigators took a large amount of the meth out of the box, and put water softener salt inside instead, along with a GPS tracker and alarm system, according to WCCO. They repackaged it and placed the box outside the building management’s office at the address that was on the box. The building manager then called the renter to pick up their missing package.

SCSO said they saw two men pull up in the parking lot and one of them went inside the home. He came back with the package. The investigators conducted a traffic stop nearby and got the box of meth.

The renter was identified as Jessica Geraghty, 28, according to WCCO. The man who went inside the home was identified as Ricardo Juaregui, 24.

Both Geraghty and Juaregui have been booked on a recommended charge of first-degree possession of a controlled substance, according to SCSO.

The Elk River police and the Sherburne County’s Drug Task Force worked together to investigate, said SCSO.

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