WATCH: Moose Is Right at Home on Roof of Montana Guest Ranch

A ranch and lodge in Montana discovered that moose are talented climbers when there’s food involved.

Located among Montana’s most pristine valleys, The Ranch at Rock Creek often entertains just as much wildlife as it does humans. Foxes, pronghorns, bighorn sheep and moose are frequent visitors and sometimes become permanent residents of the area, making the experience even more magical for two-legged travelers.

Of these creatures at the ranch, moose tend to have the most character, often sharing their quirky and creative side, and the most recent video the venue shared shows just that.

One of the more popular spots for moose to hang out is apparently on the rooftop of the Silver Dollar Saloon. In fact, ranch staff even managed to snag a video of one grazing the grasses and snacking on leaves from nearby trees.

The giant animal seemed completely unaware or unbothered by the staff member standing just a short distance away.

“Our lodge’s living roof doubles as a moose’s edible table,” The Ranch at Rock Creek shared.

Ranch Staff Says They Let Their Moose ‘Be Wild’

As common as it is to see moose around the property, ranch staff has only caught one on the “living rooftop” a few times. According to spokeswoman Krista Johnson, previous rooftop visitors decided to engage in other activities.

“I’ve been working as the social media manager for almost eight years, and I’ve only seen it happen four times,” Johnson told FTW Outdoors. “One time one got up there and peed in front of the guests. This one was pretty clever and could reach some Aspen leaves.”

The rooftop adventure isn’t dangerous for the animals, Johnson clarified. In fact, she has yet to see any moose fall “and they always leave the way they came.”

The ranch staff values the presence of such majestic creatures on their property, but they understand that they can still be incredibly dangerous.

“We let them be wild but ensure guests and staff keep their distance,” Johnson said of the potentially dangerous animals. “We want to protect this habitat as much as we can.”

The latest video isn’t the only recent spotting the ranch has shared. In a separate spotting, the ranch staff caught a hungry moose mid-yoga pose while grazing the grass.

Allowing these giant herbivores to find their meals on the property likely helps with their landscaping bill, too.

“The wilder side of landscaping,” the ranch captioned the clip. “The moose have been out in full force this spring eating their greens while mowing Camp Roosevelt.”

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