Crews battle Northern California wildfire that has injured 13 firefighters

UPI News
UPI News

July 1 (UPI) -- Crews are getting more control of a wildfire in Northern California that's blackened close to 1,000 acres in the Sierra Nevada mountains and injured more than a dozen firefighters.

The Rices Fire, which began early this week, has so far burned about 900 acres and destroyed at least one structure, officials said. It also prompted officials to give evacuation orders in parts of Nevada County.

Officials said the fire has left at least 13 firefighters with heat-related injuries.

For most of this week, crews have struggled to get control of the wildfire due to hot and dry weather conditions. The weather has improved some, however, and the blaze is now about 20% contained, Cal Fire said.

"The fire is not out," Nevada County Sheriff's Capt. Sam Brown said according to the Los Angeles Times. "Our fire partners are assuring us that they're monitoring and ensuring that things are going the best that they can, but we can't control Mother Nature.

"We want to get people in their homes, but we also want people to be safe, and we can never guarantee that the fire won't take a turn."

The Rices Fire is one of many that have burned in California and around the West so far this summer.

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Don Moore

Thanks you are all Hero's for risking you lives to save ours..very much Appreciated to all of you

crazy world 1

they don't fight the fires any more only planes and helicopters that is why towns are burning down. they got heat stroke. just like many road workers or construction workers


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