New California laws on bars, ghost guns, schools taking effect Friday


SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Every year, new laws are approved in California in the hope of tackling the problems people face in the Golden State.

Those taking effect on Friday range from school start times, guns and ammunition, and minimum wage.

Here are some new laws that might affect you.

Bartending Safety

Under a new state law, anyone who pours, shakes or mixes an alcoholic drink is required to have training in order to serve more responsibly and reduce alcohol-related dangers like DUIs. The Responsible Beverage Service Training Program is the result of a bill that passed in 2017. It's a massive undertaking; 56,000 businesses statewide are required to train their employees, and have 60 days to do so. The law applies to alcohol servers, a wide ranging category covering bartenders, bouncers, and servers. Managers also have to undergo training.

Late School Start

Children will have a chance to get more sleep, as a new law limiting how early school can start takes effect. At middle schools, classes can start no earlier than 8 a.m. For high schools, the limit is 8:30 am. Rural school districts have an exemption from the law. The goal is to reduce adolescent sleep deprivation.

Gun Safety

Two new laws are related to guns and ammunition. California is expanding its requirements for microstamping. According to the Giffords Law Center, "Microstamping technology causes a firearm to etch a unique microscopic code onto ammunition cartridge cases when the gun is fired that identifies the firearm's make, model, and serial number." This information can help law enforcement in shooting investigations. Beginning July 1, 2022, the state will tighten up which firearms can be sold in California in order to ensure they comply with the microstamping requirement.

Ghost Guns

A loophole for ghost guns when it comes to domestic violence restraining orders and red flag laws is closing. Ghost guns are unregistered and untraceable firearms that can be assembled at home. Effective Friday, these will be included in California's red flag laws, which allow law enforcement and the courts to remove weapons from a person believed to be dangerous in order to prevent crimes. Ghost guns can also be included in domestic violence restraining orders.

Minimum Wage

There is no change to the statewide minimum wage, but a dozen cities are adopting increases. The city of Los Angeles bumped up the hourly wage from $15 to $16.04. The next time California plans to increase the state minimum wage is January 1, 2023, when it will rise to $15 per hour. Most Bay Area cities already pay more than that.

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Who can afford to get drunk at a bar in the first place.. especially in this economy.. and then to drive drunk from a bar?? Only the wealthy at this point in crisis.


An AR15 platform is originally a civilian platform that was purchased by the military. I’m sure almost every type of gun has been used in a war. Even a rock. These laws only apply to law abiding citizens.


The first sentence SAYS IT ALL! “Every year California passes new laws hoping to help people tackle the problems they face “ How about letting people solve THEIR OWN PROBLEMS! The government doesn’t exist to solve your problems. Every law they create ONLY CAUSES MORE PROBLEMS! California is trying to REGULATE YOUR ENTIRE DAILY LIFE. Soon enough they will mandate daily mask wearing. Don’t think so? Just watch.


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