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scott bartels

Regardless if it's close to a military base, chinese companies which are controlled by the communist party shouldn't be allowed to own or start agriculture processing plants in the US or any other businesses that could be used against us or hurt the American people if they desire to do so which eventually they will.

Joanna Hutchins

This is reckless on the American citizens part who sold the property to them. Do you think we would be permitted to do the same in their country? Why does the $ blind ppl from common sense and security? Why does our government not overstep on things that actually matter when it comes to homeland securities and deny the sale of American land to rival countries that make threats to the USA on a regular basis? Bobbleheads are who we have lookin out for us that's why and we the ppl are the ones who gave them the job.

William Rowe

The Chinese should not be allowed to buy property in our country. They have stolen enough. Keep them out of here. Oh, I forgot that they are bidens favorite business cronies!


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