Mugshot of Texas man connected with deaths of 53 released

25 News KXXV and KRHD
25 News KXXV and KRHD

Officials in Anderson County have released the mugshot of a Texas man who is connected with the deaths of 53 migrants found in a tractor-trailer in San Antonio.

According to the United States Department of Justice, 28-year-old Christian Martinez was arrested on Tuesday in Palestine. He is charged with one count of conspiracy to transport illegal aliens resulting in death.

Officials also arrested 45-year-old Homer Zamorano Jr., who is also being charged for his alleged involvement. He was detained after being observed hiding in the brush, according to the DOJ.

"According to court documents, a search warrant was executed on a cell phone belonging to Zamorano," said the DOJ. "Through investigation, it was discovered that communications occurred between Zamorano and Martinez concerning the smuggling event."

If convicted, the men could face up to life in prison or the death penalty.

"Martinez had an initial appearance today in Tyler," said the DOJ. "He will be transported to San Antonio for further proceedings."

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Colleen McCarthy

That’s not good!!! He’s going to run, you should have locked him in a trailer, and left him on the side of the road with no water and food, and Especially no air-conditioning

Joe A

might want to check to see if he ate any of them. the number might be wat higher

Delphi 1

Dam! He sure didn't miss ANY MEALS, did he? Creepy dude also looks passed out!! 🤪🤪😑


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