Pennsylvania family blames fatal motorcycle wreck on PennDOT’s failure to fix ditch

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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is facing questions about whether its work on a narrow, twisty state road caused a fatal motorcycle wreck.
This undated selfie provided by her family shows Leslie Gingrich, who died in a motorcycle crash on Route 895 near Auburn, Pa, in Schuylkill County, on June 4, 2022. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is facing questions from the victim’s family and others about whether its faulty work on that road caused the crash. (Leslie Gingrich via AP)

Leslie Gingrich was riding her Harley in Schuylkill County on June 4 when she hit a gully spanning both lanes of the road.

Gingrich was rushed to a hospital but succumbed to her injuries.

A PennDOT crew had excavated a trench at the site and filled it with stone, but residents say the stone washed away, leaving a ditch.

Residents say PennDOT knew about the hazard but did nothing to fix it. PennDOT says it’s investigating.

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People need to take responsibility for their actions. So you mean the people at PennDot need to take responsibility for their failure to maintain safe roads. That's what we pay them for.

Laurencia Genest

more then likely! I've seen quite a few cars damage their front end and tie rods...warped the whole front end.this is why I feel we should be able to sue for repairs whomever owns the roadway that has damaged our vehicles!!

Jacqueline d

what's yellow and sleeps six....PennDOT truck. when I work during the winter I drive clients and I see PennDOT plow trucks parked along the highway not plowing just sitting there and I have to drive on icy snowy roads when they should be plowing they do need to be held responsible because they're lacking in their duties and they get paid awesome salaries with awesome benefits something's wrong here


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