Mitch McConnell talks Supreme Court rulings with Hazard Chamber of Commerce


The minority leader of the U.S. Senate made an appearance in southeastern Kentucky Wednesday. Republican Mitch McConnell spoke before the Hazard/Perry County Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

During his address, the Commonwealth’s senior senator lauded his accomplishments in setting up the Supreme Court. He praised the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

“The Supreme Court, contrary to the headlines, did not make a decision about abortion. It simply gave the issue back to the elected representatives to be dealt with in the political process and that, my friends, I think is a huge step in the right direction,” explain McConnell.

When asked about the ACLU of Kentucky attempting to block the state’s ban on abortion, McConnell said the Supreme Court put the matter in the States’ hands and that is where it will be litigated.

The court could decide on a case any day that would have an impact on the environment. When asked if the outcome of West Virginia v. EPA could stimulate the coal industry, the senator said he’s no expert.

“I do know that there has been a temporary pick up in the coal market because of the need in Europe for more coal as they moved away from their totally green policies that made them too dependent on the Russians, I’m not an expert on what may be the future of the coal industry.”

McConnell also used the opportunity to criticize the Biden administration, specifically the American Rescue Plan.

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