Missouri man gets results after 30 refund checks sent to deceased wife


FESTUS, Mo. — A Festus man was unable to cash refund checks from the State of Missouri who sent the checks to his deceased wife.

Tom Kaufmann said his wife had received about 30 refund checks from the State. He wasn’t able to cash the check that was refunded from medical premiums paid so he reached out to FOX 2.

The State sent the checks after his wife Carrie passed away on March 15. He had told the state of her death. The State even wrote back acknowledging that she was deceased.

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Despite that, Missouri HealthNet sent her checks totaling about $4,000 in his wife’s name only. He couldn’t cash them even though they both paid the premiums.

Now, Missouri has finally sent a check for the total in his name. He told FOX 2’s Elliott Davis that he feels some relief.

“The latest is, Elliott, after we did the original You Paid For It , the checks that were made out to my deceased wife from Missouri HealthNet Medicaid,” said Tom. “You got involved and you see the results, I gave you a copy of the check and it’s been resolved.”

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Tom said he knows just what to spend the money on.

“Well first of all, like I told you in our first interview, that’s giving me the money to have her interred with a funeral home and a stone someplace I can go and spend time, private personal time with my wife.”

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Wildman 1946

Thank you Lord for enabling this young man to get things worked out. Lord your so awesome and please everyone please continue praying for him and our country.


Sorry for your loss, so glad that you were able to get it all worked out. And God is good. Take care and God bless you.

John Alan Barrett

I don't know why he couldn't cash them my wife cash's my checks all the time and I never signed any of them .he should have just signed her name and put it in his bank that's what my wife does .


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