Newsmax host to Rudy Giuliani over ‘assault’ claim: ‘I gotta be honest, it doesn’t look that bad’

New York Post
New York Post

Newsmax host Greg Kelly told Rudy Giuliani on the air on Monday that he doubted whether the former New York City mayor was seriously in danger when he was slapped on the back by a ShopRite worker on Staten Island on Sunday.

“I gotta be honest, it doesn’t look that bad,” Kelly told Giuliani during an interview on Monday.

Giuliani was on Staten Island to campaign for his son, Andrew, who is running for the Republican nomination for the state’s governorship. The store worker reportedly said to Giuliani: “Hey, what’s up scumbag?”

Security video released by the store shows the employee lightly patting Giuliani on the back, but the former mayor insisted that his life was in danger.

Daniel Gill, 39, who was still dressed in his ShopRite uniform following his Sunday arrest, was free on Monday after the assault charges were downgraded.

“He hit me to knock me down and if that doesn’t merit jail time in New York, we’re in the Wild, Wild, West,” Giuliani said on Monday.
The former mayor appeared on Newsmax on Monday to discuss the incident on Sunday.

During his Newsmax appearance, which was cited by the online news site Mediaite , Kelly asked Giuliani about background noise at the start of the interview.

“Hey, Mr. Mayor, is somebody mowing the lawn right outside your window?” Kelly asked.

“I can barely hear you.”

To which the former mayor replied: “Yeah, we’re at a big rally in Staten Island right around the corner from where I was attacked yesterday.”

Kelly then played footage of the encounter at the ShopRite.

“I’m gonna show the people what happened,” Kelly, the son of former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, said.

“This person with the hand on your back, I gotta be honest, it doesn’t look that bad. But I understand that looks can be deceiving.”

The video shows a woman gently putting her hand on Giuliani’s back after the worker slapped him.
Kelly appeared to laugh and smirk as he replayed surveillance footage of the incident.

Giuliani told Kelly that he was apparently paying attention to the woman.

“You know that was that was the woman who was rubbing my back, not the guy who [hit me],” Giuliani said.

Kelly visibly smirked on air and then re-ran the footage of the encounter.
Video surveillance allegedly shows ShopRite worker Daniel Gill slap Rudy Giuliani on the back on Sunday.
Giuliani is seen talking to police officers outside of the ShopRite on Sunday.

“Alright, good. Well, that makes sense,” the host said.

“Well look, I’m sorry you were roughed up, but the campaign trail is crazy–are you in a monster truck rally?! What’s going on there in Staten Island?!”

Giuliani then talked about the campaign rally that he attended for his son.

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Bless his heart, Rudy had to be struck with one of those dad gum invisible ball bats or hit with one of those Invisible ray only MTG can see. It's only luck and his almost Superman body and determination that he survived. "what a wooden"

Mark Allen

First time any newsmax personality has said anything honest. It's technically against their political philosophy and their business model

Onda Beach

Rudy just had another Meltdown nothing to see here


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