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Barb Alford

Our food sources are being destroyed. I’ve already eaten the bacon that I bought in February and March. Why is it always the same….. they have found metal in everything. And yes, this is happening every week. All of this is suppose to be inspected by the FDA ? Even some of the meds that we take have been recalled . Ever wonder why several chicken farms and food distribution centers have caught on fire and totally destroyed lately? How about the thousands of cows that have recently been killed. Better wake up people!

Penny Held

All these recalls is getting to the point that you just roll your eyes 🙄 I mean come on, we NEVER have had this many! Every other week it's something. Puhleeze!!!


There is something trending here. All the cattle in the 1000’s just killed over dead In Kansas. They blamed it on extreme heat, however, if you look down to Texas with very extreme heat and none of their cattle died. We have tens of 1000’s of chickens destroyed in various parts of the US. Now the next thing will be pigs. Smithfield has had issues in the past and not sure what’s going on with that company. The count is numerous of different processing plants that have been burned to the ground. Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not.


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