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Dan Robson Jr.

History will repeat itself and earth quakes will happen again. This fault was created not invented to correct the above comment. It was created millions of years ago when this continent almost split in half then stopped its what also created the eastern mountains and the Rocky Mountains as well as the Great Plains. And before that everything but the mountains was under an ocean the mountains being islands at that time. Our planet has changed and so it will continue to change over time. All we can do is to build for it which will be a challenge in Missouri since it’s all sandy deposits on top of bed rock from being ocean bottom for millions of years it’s also why Missouri has no mountains but only rolling hills and flat ground.


Personally, I think that our times our changing. This is God's creation and He has a plan. Read the Bible in the Old Testament all the prophecies and in the New Testament the last book of Revelations. I feel that these things are just the beginning of many catastrophic things to come.


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