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Tonya January

I’m so sorry for y’all loss, 4 kids, 2 pass away and 1 paralyzed now, and the other, metal plates and rod down his leg… I’m tired, I’m tired of waking up every morning, to someone else being a victim of gun violence, this has to stop…. People of louisvillle we need to get our kids, save they lives, My family since the pandemic has went through a lot… 6 ppl in all gun violence, 3 lived 3 died… I’m sad for our city….We definitely need help…Praying for your family and mines, and everyone tht has felt death Thru gun violence, it hurts bad and it hits hard, weather u survived or u didn’t survive…. Praying hard In Jesus name Amen…

Sherry Hutchins

nine kids left without a Father, now what for those 9 kids. If this man has a job and went to work and paid bills bet you he wouldn't have been shot, nor would he have had 9 kids. You know why, because if he truly had to pay for 9 kids, then there would be no kids. These kids and Tobin lived on welfare and now these kids will live on welfare probably their whole lives. And women who have kids with men who don't work and therefore idle and troubled, and women give these makes babies. Poor kids us all I can say.

Jim-n-M 18

Sounds like you need to speak to family members and friends. Get them on the right path before you speak to anyone else.


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