2 men shot dead after trying to break into South Philadelphia home, police say

6abc Action News
6abc Action News

Two men are dead after a shooting at a home in South Philadelphia.

Gunfire erupted around 1:35 p.m. Monday on the 1600 block of S. 10th Street.

Police say two men, who were allegedly trying to break into a home, were shot by two men inside the house.

A 33-year-old man suffered 15 gunshot wounds throughout his body, police say.

He was taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The other man is believed to be between 25 and 30 years old. He suffered five gunshot wounds, police say.

He was also pronounced dead at Jefferson.

The names of the men who were killed have not been released.

"This is surprising. This neighborhood is usually very safe. It's a shock to see something like this happen. I live a block away," said John Carrozza. "It's sad. It's a sign of the times, unfortunately."

"I've been here for six years. I feel really safe. I just had my catalytic converter stolen, and I'm thinking maybe it's time to move out - for something like this to happen in the middle of the afternoon..." said Mary Grace McHale.

Police say no weapons have been recovered and no arrests have been made.

The two men who shot the suspects are said to be cooperating with the investigation.

But what's happened here has left neighbors in fear for what could come next.

"There's no more fist fights. There's just pull out a gun and shoot," said Corrozza.

"Things are getting worse around here. Now there's a double homicide and everyone has weapons. I tell my wife 'stay in, don't go out without me.' And now it's getting very close to home," said Nick, who lives nearby.

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Now the neighbors should feel safer. Criminals will think twice about entering another home in that neighborhood.

Sean Fitzgerald

This good news is starting to happen more and more people are fed up with the government only wanting criminals to have guns and everybody else unable to protect themselves.


That’s what happens when you enter the space of the wrong mfin one. Good for the homeowners.


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