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C'mon Mother Nature, don't let us down, we need ya more than ever! Cool weather & holidays will soon be upon us, we need to get started on the right foot!#RainWarriorsBringItOn!☔️

Marie Walker

I believe most all of Texas could use some rain right about now. 🤞

Dr. Shaun C. Rice

People rush to the stores buy up everything on the shelves stock up!!! So when the storm comes an somehow hit your area an your home flood; all the things you bought from the stores will be ruined 😂this is so important! Also call your friends an tell them to do the same thing!! Next don’t start praying, you never was doing it before so why start when the storm is banging down your door. However do take Gods name in vain when issues start to happen to you in your life as result of the rain. It’s what normally do right? Call on the very one don’t believe in : oh my God.. “ then you curse His sacred union with the phrase : holy 💩. So if a storm comes tomorrow or a year from now, do what you do best. But remember: do not start to form a relationship with God now.. cuz you got the issues of this world all handled on your own. Gods got is popcorn 🍿 an He’s watching


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