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Kari Koerschner

Not to state the obvious but people are tired of working for the service industry or corporate industry or really any company for Americas penny pay! Especially when gas is outrageous and inflation is at an all time high! New Hampshires minimum wage pay is still currently at 7.25/hr. That is not a liveable wage! People are getting smart and staying home to save their resources and start their own home business. If New Hampshire took better care of their residents and employees more people are likely to go out and get a job. It's common sense and yet the older generation that refuses to admit the truth and that they do a terrible job of paying employees their worth and to at least match inflation and provide affordable and good insurance, businesses will always be in this situation. Especially as the older generation retires and dies off then the younger generation comes up and is going more towards online and home based businesses that way they don't have to work for starving wages.


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