Texas sheriff declares he won't persecute women who receive abortions, shames gov't & implies hypocrisy

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Roland Zapata

he should be relieved of his civic duties if he cannot and will not follow the law of the land. He should be found in contempt due to his public statement.*Any Civic leader who picks and chooses what laws he will enforce regardless of law is in true essence an outlaw.

Robert Caroline Romo

Ok so what if his girls have an unplanned pregnancy and this is your daughter and grandchild and she wants to have an abortion I'm guessing you're going to say yeah it's ok I'll have another grandchild down the line. What I want to know is who covering the unborn baby's rights? I understand that everyone is saying it's my body I can do what I want that's right it is your body but that unplanned pregnancy (baby) didn't ask to come into this world. The bottom line is if you don't want to be getting pregnant then have your tubes tied, get a hysterectomy or don't be having sex! I guarantee you that all the abortions are from affairs, or they're too young, or just plain careless. As a mom , when I found out my daughter was pregnant I was upset but I got over it and I sure wasn't gonna let one of my grandchildren be aborted. I would seriously disown my daughter if they did that! Children are gifts from God. Whether planned or not! I really don't care if anyone likes my comment or not!


I will vote for him and personally create a GoFundMe to replace his salary if he catches any flack for this. This is a man who actually cares about women, and not only when they are a few cells diving inside another woman.


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