Woman Leaps From Mississippi River Bridge, Lands on Beam Below

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Chris Reed

If you were in Baton Rouge on Thursday, you may have had trouble getting through the city.

Several photos surfaced on social media Thursday from the Mississippi River Bridge that showed a rescue happening.

A woman reportedly wanted to jump from the bridge, then had second thoughts and attempted to stop her fall.

Amazingly she landed on a beam 10 feet below where she jumped.
Wjpitt, Wikipedia Commons

Fire and Rescue were able to get to the woman, who was on the beam, approximately 167 feet above the water.

A Baton Rouge firefighter is being credited for saving this woman's life as he was hoisted down to where she sat.

After he got to the woman, the firefighter put a harness on him and the woman, and they were lifted to safety.

You can hear the firefighter's story of the rescue mission by visiting WBRZ.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please call the National Suicide Hotline at 800-273-8255.
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Ette Eylbon

I am so glad she changed her mind. And I do hope that she is uninjured, safe, and that she gets the care and help that she needs.

Lynn St Amant

The firefighters have done a great job 👏 saving the lady 👏 they were blessed when they helped my sick husband up off the floor I bring them a meal when I can to show my appreciation to them


i feed so emotional for the woman. She is going to have visions of that for a while. That was a miracle. She has a testimony. To the believers God has a special plan for her life. just me


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