30 people evacuated as flooding hammers small town in central Minnesota

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Joe Nelson

The nearly stationary thunderstorms that hammered central Minnesota Thursday night into Friday morning left the small town of Randall under water.

Located about 50 miles north of St. Cloud, the town of 580 residents was inundated with heavy rain, resulting in the evacuation of around 30 residents, according to the Morrison County Sheriff's Office.

"Emergency personnel responded to the area and started evacuating residences with the use of rescue boats. In total, approximately 30 residences were evacuated and there have been shelters set up at three locations: Dr. S.G. Knight School, St. James Catholic Church and the Randall Presbyterian Church. There have been no reported injuries," the sheriff's office said.

Photos on social media show standing water halfway up the outside of homes, including one house with an image showing devastating interior flooding.

"The flood, in Randall, MN last night, took her entire home and all of their belongings," Stacy Ganz wrote in a Facebook post, with the photo featured at the stop of the story. She added that her brother and his wife and two kids lived in the home as well.

"My heart literally hurts for them. They could use some uplifting in such a dreary situation!"

Drone images from the Morrison County Sheriff's Office show extensive flooding.

There are no official National Weather Service rainfall reports out of Randall, but radar indicated totals suggest at least 6 inches of rain, with reports on social media suggesting as much as a foot of rain fell overnight. The sheriff's office says at least 8 inches fell.

Multiple roads are closed in the area, including the main artery in the area: Hwy. 10, closed in both directions from Little Falls to Motley. Every road in Randall is closed, as of 5 p.m. Friday.

"At this point, we are asking the public to stay away from the Randall area so emergency personnel can do their jobs effectively. The Sheriff’s Office is discouraging people from going into their residences until safe to do so. Drive with caution as many roads are either under water or washed out in the area," the sheriff's office added.

Overnight storms dumped more rain on the town, with radar estimates coming in at 2-3 inches. Those storms have since dissipated, giving Randall a chance to dry out.

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Eric Niewind

why on earth is politics a question to hate on someone. Grow up. we may not agree but they are still people. shame on you. these people still have families and it is your duty to help them. I'm sorry you didn't get the memo


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