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Andrea Noonan

Son says, that Dad probably did not want to take care of his wife. WTF ? I’m a professional caregiver and have taken care of many bedridden patients. It is back breaking work, overwhelming at times and can be very emotional draining and I get to go home after 8 hours and take a break. The old gentleman was 87 years old, if he did not have a lot of support, than I can see that he thought this was the only way out. I feel bad for him. RIP Mr and your Mrs

Patricia Tardy Netardus

Was this 87 year old man who had health problems himself caring for his 87 year old wife who is relegated to a wheel chair? We're the kids helping? If he was on his own taking care of her, the stress caused probably depression. Such a sad story.

blue gum?

As a 64 year old man,I can see that at some point in life,if you have done all you want and feel like life is more trouble than it is worth anymore,there could come a day when you are tired,aching,and just cant see a need to get up and do it all again for another day.It would be just waiting to die.I dont think you have to be mentally ill,just tired.


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