House Approves Bill to Decriminalize Fentanyl Test Strips

US News and World Report
 9 days ago

Cover picture for the articleHARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Test strips to help drug users identify fentanyl and other potentially deadly chemicals would no longer be classified as illegal paraphernalia under a bill passed unanimously by the Pennsylvania House on Monday. The...

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John Doe
8d ago

To all the people on this thread who says just don't use drugs. How about realize that's like saying don't get cancer, don't have a stroke or heart attack, don't get diabetes later in life because when you get right down to it these are all lifestyle diseases and could have been prevented by not doing whatever brought it on right? We have next to ne mental health help in this country, he'll next to no medical at all for the fastest growing class in our country. People don't get addicted on purpose there are a thousand reasons why it could happen to anyone.

9d ago

I never knew you can’t have the stuff that tests purity for drugs wtf this is new to me to here I’m in California ion if that’s a law here but in general hearing it’s illegal somewhere to make sure ur taking what u want

Edith Ann Canada
8d ago

Would think they would have been legal all along, that way people could make sure that no one had slipped fentenal into their drink

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