Dame Kelly Holmes breaks down on This Morning after coming out as gay

The Independent
The Independent

Athlete Dame Kelly Holmes , 52, was in tears during an emotional This Morning interview after coming out as gay .

The former Olympian told Phillip Schofield that she “had never been happy” until now, where she is able to live her life “authentically” after years of hiding her sexuality.

Dame Holmes reduced Phillip Schofield to tears after detailing that she “had been in a bad way a lot”, and had had a “break down” in 2020 after realising that “if she couldn’t release it, she didn’t know what she would do”.

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Wendy Veith

Why does someone have to come out in this day and age. Just keep your private life private. No one cares. When you are out and about and run into someone you know, then introduce your date, significant other, whatever.

Shane 49

Don't nobody care about being gay .You look pretty old to be worried about it .It's probably never was a secret it's more obvious than you know. 😏

deborah king

If she was not embarrassed before why is she now. Jump on the bandwagon. No one cares. When are we white, not gay, female, employed get to walk the streets with signs read “I am a proud white,straight female? Can we do that and call it racism?


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