Contractor arrested after camera found in bathroom vent

ABC News
ABC News

A Louisiana contractor was arrested Thursday on video voyeurism charges accusing him of putting a camera in a bathroom vent at a home where he repaired damage from Hurricane Ida.

Chase Cheramie, 37, of Galliano, at first denied knowing anything about the camera, but its memory card held images of him installing it, according to a news release from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office.

“Detectives are encouraging anyone who had Cheramie perform work in their residence to search for similar devices or anything suspicious,” the statement said.

The sheriff’s office said Cheramie turned himself in Thursday and was held in lieu of $75,000 bond.

Capt. Brennan Matherne, the sheriff's office spokesperson, said he did not know whether Cheramie has an attorney who could speak for him.

On Wednesday, deputies had asked for the public’s help finding him.

When the camera was found last week at the home in Larose, a red light indicated it might still be recording, according to the news release.

Deputies found images of three other people, two of whom appeared to be juveniles, on the memory card. Cheramie was arrested on three counts of video voyeurism.

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Flora-Belle Smith

this is why everytime I go into a public restroom now I check for those mini hidden cameras that are disguised as screws that weirdos can get off amazon

VA User

They should whack his pee pee, So, was it wirelessly transmitting images or was he supposed to retrieve it later on? There's no rehabilitation for pervs, he should be turned into fertilizer before he has the chance to move to the next level.

Meal Black

I am 75 years older people are so sick in the head and evil !!!! God help the people in the world killing other's so much hate.

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