Beshear's Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee Seeking Feedback from Kentuckians
 14 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe group will soon hit the road to listen to Kentuckians' thoughts about medical marijuana. (Frankfort, Ky.) – Governor Andy Beshear has named 17 members to the Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee. The committee will help advise the governor on providing access to medical cannabis for Kentuckians...

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C gail Baker
13d ago

the Dr told my mom if it was brought to ky she would be one of the patients to try it she has MS, and more health problems she could benefit from medical cannabis.

Maria Adams
13d ago

Legalize it please. My son's Neurologist said a few years ago and still continues to say that he would benefit from this for his Epilepsy.

Patricia Carter
13d ago

I hope you can get cannabis legalized here in Kentucky. it sure would help me and my husband ,which both of us have chronic pain every single day. Alcohol is way more dangerous to allow legal tthan cannibis.Also I believe 💯 that it would cut down on those who are selling drugs.


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