Quentin Letts has meltdown after being dealt with the facts on asylum application system


Adil Ray expertly shut down guest Quentin Letts as a debate about immigration into the UK erupted.

As the recent flight due to relocate refugees from the UK to Rwanda was cancelled thanks to legal intervention from the European Court of Human Rights, immigration has been a major talking point.

It was a subject touched on during this morning’s Good Morning Britain , where the show’s host Adil Ray found himself up against Letts, the political sketch writer for The Times .

Ray asked Letts why Britons are being paid to take Ukrainian refugees into their spare rooms, while there are no legal routes for Afghan and Syrian refugees to apply for asylum in the UK.

“Why is it different?” he asked.

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Letts replied: “Because Ukrainians, as far as I know, aren't washing up dead on the beaches of Dover.”

Ray rebutted, emphasising the point that this is because Ukrainians have a legal route through which to apply for a visa.

Letts accused Ray of interrupting him before once again wrongly suggesting that there are “perfectly legal procedures” for these refugees to come in.

He went on, claiming that people crossing the English Channel in boats are “paying money to scoot round the rules” before once again being told it’s because there are not legal routes for them to apply for asylum.

Letts became visibly frustrated at Ray for correcting him, so much so that at one point he said: “I give up. I give up. There’s no point.”

His appearance on the programme drew some criticism, with one person saying Letts exemplifies “lazy right wing armchair commentary”.

They wrote: “Quentin Letts is an absolute masterclass in the tired but all too common genre of lazy right wing armchair commentary.

“That classic trio of 1) complete ignorance of the facts, 2) martyrdom and meltdown when called out, and 3) zero human empathy. Amazing.”

Another agreed, writing: “Quentin Letts has a hissy fit when presented with FACTS, we all know he doesn't like FACTS getting in the way of a good trope.”

Someone else said: “This is everything and more. No legal routes for brown refugees, it’s a simple as that.

“This country disgusts me. And idiots like this are spreading misinformation.”

One Twitter user added: “This exchange says it all about moral bankruptcy of Rwanda Deportation policy

“Adil Ray asks Quentin Letts why there is no online application system for Afghan refugees seeking asylum, like there is for Ukrainians?

“Letts blusters that there is, and when told there isn’t, sulks.”

indy100 has contacted Quentin Letts for comment .

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