‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Robertson Reveals His Sweet Tea Recipe

After years of “Duck Dynasty” fans asking for it, Si Robertson reveals the secret recipe for his famous sweet tea in a resurfaced YouTube video.

“Look, if you know anything about the Robertson family, we’re known to get together,” the “Duck Dynasty” star states, that’s when he begins to create his sweet tea. He starts with a microwavable bowl that he puts five family-sized tea bags in. The former reality star notes that he personally prefers the strength of his tea to be stout and then pops the bowl into the microwave. He then sets a timer for six minutes.

As the tea simmers in the microwave, the “Duck Dynasty” castmate prepares his gallon jug by filling it with water until it is 3/4 full. When the bowl is ready, he takes it out of the microwave and covers it with a plate. This is to allow the tea to seep. Once the water is cool, he pours the tea bag bowl into the jug. And… that’s it.

The “Duck Dynasty” star’s tea became a huge hit in the series. There is even a merchandise line on the family’s Duck Commander website that specifically has tea glasses for Robertson’s tea. Uncle Si even created his own line of tea.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson Talks About His Love For Tea

During a 2013 interview with Parade, “Duck Dynasty” star Si Robertson opened up about how much tea he actually drinks per day.

“I drink two gallons a day,” the “Duck Dynasty” cast member admitted. “My wife said, ‘You’re going to the doctor to ask about all that tea you drink.’ I said, ‘Hey, doc, look here, my wife’s worried I drink a lot of tea.’ He said, ‘Well, what is a lot?’ I said, ‘Two gallons a day.’ He said, ‘Have you had any problems going to the bathroom?’ I said, ‘No, I go quite frequently, thank you.’ And he said, ‘As long as you don’t have no problem going to the bathroom it’s fine.’ He said I’ve probably got the cleanest kidneys in the world!”

Robertson also notes that he and his wife, Christine, make tea the “old-fashioned” way. “Put three bags in a pot of water, turn the heat on the water and let it boil, put a saucer over it and let it seep. Then pour it into a gallon jug and then I drink it.”

When he stated he doesn’t sweeten his tea, Robertson explained, “At the CMAs a guy asked me, “Hey, what proof is that tea?” And I said, ‘Hey, zero proof.’ He said, ‘It’s really tea?’ I said, ‘Everybody says that because I act funny, but that’s just me. I act funny. But it’s unsweet.’”

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