This Is Pride portrait: Z-100′s Elvis Duran and husband, Alex Carr, have become NYC celebrity advocates for LGBTQ+ inclusion

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Joel Valentin

Amazing how the media give a title to " a power couple" status. But imaging if one person want to thank GOD in public or in the air on radio station you will be sensor or edited for this . We will be witnesses of how society will unleash the stones. Start losing sponsors deals so on and on. but on something that the vast majority of the population not only here in USA but around the globe do not aproved..have so much coverage and " applauses" ..Clarifying any comments not agree of NOONE TREATING BAD ANOTHER HUMAN FOR RACE ,RELIGION, OR PREFERENCE BUT....THIS NATION WAS FOUNDED ON FAMILY ORIENTATED PRINCIPLES AND NOW DAYS ...WE ARE SEEING HOW FAR THIS MOVEMENT IS PUSHING ON OUR KIDS (MINORS)..Finishing now with this line, if you as a grown adult mentally and fisically developed CHOOSE that way of living is defenetly


What does the LBGTQ+ want that they don't already have?? They are forever demanding something but is it that they actually want?


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