Dominique Wilkins Makes Bold Statement About NBA Players

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All Hawks

The Basketball Hall of Famer shares his thoughts on Takeo Spikes' podcast.

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Few people on the planet are as interesting as Dominique Wilkins. When 'the Human Highlight Film' speaks, you listen. The Top-75 NBA legend appeared on Takeo Spikes' podcast, The Behind The Mask Podcast, and did not disappoint.

Wilkins shared stories about everything from cross-burnings in his front yard to partying with Prince in the 1980s. Every time the man speaks, I learn something new about his incredible life. But arguably, the best part of the interview was when Wilkins claimed that no current NBA player could guard him.

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As you can see in the video above, the hosts press Wilkins on which (if any) players can stop him. Wilkins said, "This is just my attitude: one guy won't stop me - not by himself. Some of the great defensive players I played against - Rodman, Pippen, sorry ain't no one guy guarding me one on one. Not by himself"

When asked about Draymond Green, Wilkins said, "He would give me a good effort. I'm not being cocky or anything like that. It's just that's my mentality. That's how I played." Wilkins credited Green's defensive skills but stated that even Dennis Rodman needed help from his teammates to guard Wilkins.

Wilkins appearance on Spikes' podcast did not disappoint. We don't want to give away everything, so make sure you watch the entire episode in the YouTube video above. Stay locked into for breaking news, highlights, and analysis.

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A j 66

Wilkins would have Green frustrated and fouled out by the 3rd quarter. Wilkins was one of the GREATS when they really played basketball. Green would get a tech on purpose to save himself from embarrassment 😂🤣😅

Bryan Rice

probably not... he was quick, strong. athletic, had a jump shot and could jump... and love the game... didn't mind playing hurt...

UpLANDer Bear

he's probably right.. big ups & respect to the legend!


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