Liam Neeson Opens Up About ‘Agonizing’ Pain From Leg Cramps


Liam Neeson is opening up about some health issues he has faced. He said that a few years ago, he was getting really bad leg cramps. Liam said, “I was getting shooting pains in my leg, cramps in the middle of the night. The pain made me cry it was agonising. A friend of mine set me up with this massage therapist who does all the dancers on Broadway and he worked on me.”

Liam said that the massage therapist asked him if he drank a lot of caffeine. He admitted that he did and the therapist explained that too much caffeine can lead to a buildup of lactic acid crystals, which causes awful leg cramps.

Liam Neeson talks about leg cramps from too much caffeine
BLACKLIGHT, Liam Neeson, 2022. © Briarcliff Entertainment / Courtesy Everett Collection

Lactic acid builds up and restricts blood flow and makes the muscles tighter. When it accumulates, it creates these tight muscles that can’t really be remedied just by drinking a lot of water. The therapist suggested to Liam that he switch to decaf.
MEMORY, Liam Neeson, 2022. ph: Rico Torres / © Open Road Films / Courtesy Everett Collection

He said that he did and his cramps improved by 90 percent. Instead of drinking a lot of coffee, he now drinks decaf tea. Reports show that up to 400 mg of caffeine per day is safe for most adults but drinking less is always better.
THE ICE ROAD, Liam Neeson, 2021. © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Drinking too much caffeine on a regular basis can not only lead to leg cramps but headaches, dizziness and shakiness, insomnia, dehydration, anxiety, and more. Have you ever experienced leg cramps from too much caffeine?

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