Kathie Lee Gifford Says Her Newest Grandson’s Name Surprised Her


Kathie Lee Gifford‘s son Cody and his wife Erika recently had their first baby. They named their son Frank Michael, after Cody’s late father Frank Gifford. Kathie Lee admitted that she was surprised that they chose the name Frank for her grandson.

She shared the news on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna. She said, “I was surprised Cody named him after his dad because Cody knew what it was like to grow up in the shadow of a great man. But I guess he’s never gotten over, really, and he never will, the loss of his dad at an early age and he was his hero and he still is.”

Kathie Lee Gifford’s grandson is named Frank after her late husband

When asked what she would like the baby to call her eventually, she said, “I didn’t give anybody a choice of what they’re going to call me. I took the matters into my own hands. I have a dear friend down here and his Israeli mother, I asked her, ‘What’s a good word for a Jewish grandmother?’ And she goes, ‘Bubbalah. It’s Bubbie.’ It’s a Yiddish word … and it means dearest one, like cherished one. And the little kid only goes ‘ba ba ba ba ba’ anyway, so I think it’s going to be easy.”
THEN CAME YOU, Kathie Lee Gifford, 2020. © Vertical Entertainment / Courtesy Everett Collection

Kathie Lee also shared some updates on how little Frank is doing. She said that he is nursing and doing really well after being born three weeks early. The couple also decided on the name Frank not only after Cody’s father but Erika’s deceased uncle.

Erika shared some photos and updates online and wrote, “Frank ‘Frankie’ after C’s pops & Michael after my uncle who passed away last year at 61 whose name also means ‘gift of God’ / Two strong men — gone but never forgotten.”

Congrats to the entire family!

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