Andrew Neil somehow managed to do a worst rap than Nadine Dorries


We didn’t think anyone would be able to make the internet cringe as badly as Nadine Dorries after she posted a video of her rapping recently, but Andrew Neil is giving her a run for her money.

Inspired by the culture secretary’s recent efforts which saw her wax lyrical about the online safety bill, Neil treated viewers of his new Channel 4 show to an unexpected musical update.

The clip sees Neil watch the Dorries effort, before picking up a mic of his own.

“I’m here to present the Andrew Neil show. I’m on the mic, so get with the flow,” he begins, as viewers around the UK watched on in bafflement.

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“Top politicians here on C4. It’s just half an hour but they all want more. I ask all the questions like I just don’t care. So come on Boris and get in the chair,” Neil went on to say.

“Thanks Nadine, nailed it,” he adds, before dropping the mic.

Social media users were quick to comment after TV journalist Scott Bryan posted the clip on Twitter, with one commenting: “Oh god. Make them stop. Make them all stop.”

Another added: “This is the worst consequence of Nadine being in a position of influence yet.”

One more joked: “Guys this is actually our next Eurovision entry.”

Who knows who Dorries will inspire to take up rapping next.

It comes after the MP for Mid Bedfordshire attempted to get down with the kids by posting a clip about the Online Safety Bill, trying to connect to a younger generation by turning her hand to being an MC.


How we’re making the internet safer 🖐🏻🎤 #onlinesafety #internet #ukpolitics #nadinedorries #news #government #law #freespeech #content #blowthisup #fyp

“The UK is passing some new legislation, to make the internet safer for a younger generation,” she begins, starting the first rhyme of the clip.

“It’s effectively a framework to protect internet users from scams, illegal content and anonymous abusers. It will force big tech to stop their terms being breached, and puts in measures to defend free speech."

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