What Are Employees Looking For In A Workplace Today?

Andre Oentoro

If you have a job advertisement that isn’t gaining much attention, then it could be that you’re failing to provide employees with a workplace that meets their needs.

In any recruiting situation, the employer often needs to impress the employee also. After all, changing jobs every few years started to become increasingly common in 2017, and the times haven’t changed much since. You need your employees to stick around as much as possible.

So, what is the workforce of today looking for?


Fun and games can be great for business, in the correct context.

Many people have long been working from home since the coronavirus pandemic, and many of them miss the sense of camaraderie that came with their workplace initially. Depending on the type of role being offered, many people will be seeking connection with their colleagues, desiring to work with real characters. If you can offer a thriving environment in which they can work, then things may go great.

Ultimately, it’s the friendships people make in the workplace that are most likely to keep them anchored to it. According to The Independent, employees are more likely to settle at smaller firms, citing a more welcoming atmosphere as being one of the key reasons for this. Even if your business is large, you can create a culture where it feels small - learning names, memorizing birthdays and personal life details, and so forth. Potential employees will try to gauge all of this before they start, so paying attention to this area is a good idea.

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A Caring Work Culture

Maintaining a positive and friendly atmosphere in the workspace is invaluable, but the employers who dig a little deeper will find that they create fiercely loyal staff members. They must keen for smart goals.

Most people won’t walk out on those who have done so much for them already, and they’ll want to be around them all the more. A robust human resources department is a must, not just to tick legal boxes but to give workers a support network. Complaints, mental wellbeing, and any other concerns can be filtered right through here and be turned into positive solutions quickly. That's why it's important to create a culture where constructive criticism is encouraged.

One way of making things easier here is by using Zest’s employee benefits technology, as they provide a perfect platform that is easy to access and navigate. It’s the only platform that can be implemented in less than 2 months, enabling workers to browse their benefits anytime and anywhere. Its admin made easy for everyone and improves engagement from employees, especially HR staff. In the end, having this automated presence in your firm shows how much you care.

If the latest technologies support people in their work and breakdown complex admin monotony, then it can make your firm seem more human. Technology is king in today’s business environment, and the more you can understand that then the more your company will appeal to workers.

Flexible Working Conditions

2021’s worker will have different conditions to be met than 1921’s worker, and rightly so.

Today, great workers come in all shapes and sizes from a wealth of different backgrounds. Busy mums juggling kids can still turn in some incredible results. Workers with disabilities remain capable of arriving on-time and excelling in their professional fields. You may need to adjust hours or introduce new measures to welcome such employees, but the results you’ll get from their hard work will blow you away.

Working from home, flexible hours, maternity/paternity adjustments, and increased disability access are just some of the changes you can make that will open your workforce to fresh and exciting talent. To deprive opportunities to others is to deprive your business of opportunities in turn, so be accommodating wherever you are able. The world is changing, and if you don’t change with it here, you and your business will be deservedly left behind in the dust.

Anyway, it's better for you to know the story of your company. Ask to your workmates about this, read more on your company's site like one we have on Breadnbeyond history. This way, you can increase the sense of belonging.

Opportunity to Grow and Earn More

The number one attribute most employees are looking for is more money. So much so that many will sacrifice some or all the other attributes for a higher wage. Your fortune 500 companies and other smart companies will capitalize (pun intended) on this fact by maintaining an in-house training and advancement program. Current and future employees see this as an opportunity to grow and earn more.

From the employer's perspective, they want to implement the in-house training program as cost-effectively as possible. The current trend (2022) for convenience is implementing the in-house training program using browser-based courses. This way, they avoid scheduling and travel costs incurred for off-site training.

A few select companies like Bass Pro have discovered that computer-based training software is an even more cost-effective and reliable way to implement in-house training as no risky cloud (internet) is required. Perpetual training software providers like this one offer an Automation Training Series. You will see in that example that there are no annual fees, real-world simulations that browsers-based courses can’t provide, and no internet required. Resulting in the most absolute cost-effective, quality, and reliable solution for employers.

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