Wealthy shoppers are splurging at Macy's. Low-income shoppers are pulling back at Walmart

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Stop the lies

I am not sure why Ralph Lauren continues to price their items so high. the quality of their goods are not the same as it was. you buy a regular shirt and end up with a crop top after one wash. you buy a shirt for your eldest son and it ends up in his young brother's closet after a single wash.

Judy Gutshall

And yet football players are being offered multi- millions for new contracts???? In my area of PA, brand new houses are being built everywhere.... brand new high dollar trucks and SUV's are flying off car lots and my biggest beef....sending millions and millions of our tax dollars that are supposed to be used for America are being sent to other countries?? And here I am...worked all my life, had to retire at 72 years old and trying to live on $1000 a month!!!! I'm telling you, something bad is going to happen. People are fed up. And the worst thing...its the American people screwing the American people. When raising prices, they don't just raise it a little...they double or triple it at a time???

I am pissed off

I guess we will become peasants like back in France hundreds of years ago and the kings and queens will live like kings and queens

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