Lil Keed Has Died at 24

 8 days ago

Cover picture for the articleLil Keed has died, his brother Lil Gotit and others close to Keed have shared on social media. He was 24. A rep for Keed confirmed his passing to Complex, which occurred on May 13. A cause of death is unknown at this time. “Can’t believe I seened u...

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Joe Elias Lehmann
8d ago

Anybody else noticing all these healthy young people dying? Amazing no one has connected the dots to the Covid vaccine. Well, actually many, many physicians have noticed this, but they have been silenced and censored.

Sam Lacy
8d ago

Be careful about the things you say and think funny you have love ones and God loves everyone it could be you or yours TODAY!!!! the God works

Travis Kelson
8d ago

Don’t know him and never heard of him; however, I hope he set his heart right with God the Creator of All! Everyone has jokes until their on their dying bed! Lastly, man said this is the right way to talk. Who’s to say it’s the right way?

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