Fact check: White House tweet falsely claims ‘there was no vaccine available’ when Biden took office

 9 days ago
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Washington CNN — The official White House Twitter account tweeted Thursday about the sharp decline in the unemployment rate during President Joe Biden’s tenure – but the tweet began with a false claim about Covid-19 vaccinations. “When President Biden took office, millions were unemployed and there...

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9d ago

The unemployment rate in December of 2019 was 3.6%...the unemployment rate today is 3.6%. It is now the same unemployment rate as it was before the covid lock downs caused the unemployment to skyrocket to 14.7% in April of 2020. Biden essentially had nothing to do with either vaccines or the unemployment decline, although he can take credit for using force and coercion to push the experimental shots.

Lonnie Moody
8d ago

I find it funny all the liberals think we forgot about them saying they wouldn't get any Vax Trump brought in. lots of footage of them saying it.

Eric Kelly
9d ago

Well, in all honesty they weren't wrong, considering there still isn't a REAL vaccine available. Just whatever they're pumping people full of with their fake "vaccine" clot shot...


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