Kevin Samuels’ death raises a simmering debate between Black men and women

NBC News
NBC News
 9 days ago

Cover picture for the articleWearing his signature glasses, suit and tie, Kevin Samuels casually sat in his chair talking to a single 35-year-old Black mother who called in to his popular YouTube show to ask for dating advice. The woman, who said she has a teenage son and makes six figures through her pet grooming...

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9d ago

Instead of him giving statistics on single black women and giving advice on what they should do. He should have been giving statistics and doing studies on the number one cause of death in back men, which is heart disease and strokes. He was obviously focusing on the wrong stuff.

9d ago

My whole thing is how are u taking advice from someone who had two failed marriages and is single themselves. Start taking advice from people who are actually in the field of ur goals .

Slim Charli
9d ago

He was leading a particular group of men: those men who do not know how to deal with strong, well-educated, intelligent women of today who don't need nor tolerate disrespect, male mind-games, & abuse! The only thing these type of men can do is run their jealous mouths and put women down because of their OWN insecurity!


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