Pregnant woman shot, gives birth, dies at hospital

ABC News
ABC News
 9 days ago

Baltimore police are searching for the gunmen who killed a pregnant woman, leaving her newborn in the hospital in critical condition.

Officers found a man and a 38-year-old pregnant woman shot inside a car at about 8:13 p.m. Thursday, Baltimore police said.

Both victims were taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital where the man was immediately pronounced dead, police said.

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The woman gave birth and was pronounced dead a short time later, police said.

The newborn is in critical condition as a result of the emergency delivery, not the shooting, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told reporters.
WMAR - PHOTO: A man and a pregnant woman were killed after two gunmen shot at their car in Baltimore, May 12, 2022.

Police said they believe at least two gunmen fired multiple shots.

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The suspects' car pulled up next to victims' car as it was parking, and one person fired out of the passenger window into the victim's car, police said. Authorities believe the second gunman then got out of the driver's side and fired into the victim's car, police said.

"To be quite honest and frank, I don't really give a s--- what the conflict was," Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott told reporters. "We cannot have folks shooting at pregnant women in our city."
WMAR - PHOTO: A man and a pregnant woman were killed after two gunmen shot at their car in Baltimore, May 12, 2022.

Harrison called it a "very, very violent, brazen assault."

He added, "We will do everything within our power to find who did this, catch them and hold them accountable."

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stephanie duron
9d ago

The baby is not an abortion. It is critical condition. Don't you know how to read. The mother delivered the baby early. My prayers are for the baby now. When are people going to learn that killing someone is not a solution to anything . You took two lives maybe three. An innocent child. Now if they find you, the death penalty should apply for what you did for your action . Prayers for the family

Angela Sparks
9d ago

the police and the court system needs to stop cutting deals with these horrible people, I know they say that they cut deals to make sure something sticks but it seems to me that in a lot of cases the murderers have more rights than the victims, God bless that little baby

Karen Stevens
9d ago

**AND YES** when you catch them & know they're the ones that killed them, no jail time, immediate execution, that's what they deserve, just like they did to this couple leaving a newborn struggling for it's life & no parents to grow up with. SOB's anyway.


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