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Rawn Moss

repubicans need to get to work on real issues and quit acting like they need to be in front of a camera or news crew, Donald Trump's gone

Nancy Bostick-Ebbert

There is no true political discourse in Wyoming or in most of our nation. it is an "us against them" mentality that gets nothing done that truly leads people towards a brighter future.I have friends throughout the political spectrum. We all agree on the most of the challenges we face. If you were to pluck two people (from both sides of the issues) and essentially said: "this needs to be addressed they could come to a consensus. Building consensus is in the best interests of ALL Americans. Working TOGETHER until common interests are served has been deliberately, methodically destroyed all for the purpose of political gain. When I look at the majority of our political leadership, it is clear that they do not serve the best interests of the American people.

cornelia bennet

With these politicians now a days, nothing will ever get done! Their so far from us regular folks. They have no Idea what is really needed in the trenches. They're sitting in their expensive Offices and dream of how much more campaign money they can collect and how they can advance their political carriers. I am sick of them selling our State.


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