Red Bull Plane Crashes In Arizona During Stunt

Photo: Getty Images

A Red Bull plane plunged into the Arizona desert over the weekend during an attempt at a groundbreaking air stunt, reported 12 News .

The Red Bull Plane Swap was billed as the first. During the stunt, the pilots attempted to swap their Cessna planes after simultaneously jumping out mid-air during a controlled dive.

Red Bull explained the stunt on their website, stating, "On Sunday, April 24th, Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington will go down in history as the first pilots to take off in one aircraft and land in another after sending their airplanes into a nosedive and jumping out of them!"

The stunt didn't go as planned, and one of the Cessna planes spun out of control and ended up crashing . The pilot had to parachute back to the ground to safety. The other pilot was able to gain control of the other plane and land it .

According to a statement from the FAA, the agency denied Red Bull's request on Friday for a safety exemption to perform the stunt. An investigation is currently underway by the FAA.

It is still unclear why the stunt went wrong.

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