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‘NJ Weedman’ says he feels vindicated by legalization of marijuana in NJ; expands his business to Miami

By News 12 Staff,


Wednesday marked the last 4/20 where it will be illegal to purchase marijuana in New Jersey. Legal sales of adult-use recreational cannabis begin on Thursday.

But for longtime New Jersey marijuana activists Ed “NJ Weedman” Forchion, the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey is a mixed bag.

“What we have coming is not really legalization. It’s the corporation of marijuana. They even call it cannabis now,” Forchion says.

Forchion is the owner of NJ Weedman’s Joint in Trenton. He is expanding his efforts to Miami.

“People come to Miami for two things - They come for the club life, and they come for the water life. I jumped on both of them,” he says.

Forchion has opened a nightclub in Florida.

“I opened 4-20 Nightclub, you know, made it a place for potheads from around the country,” he says.

Forchion will also be offering premier cannabis cruises on his 100-foot yacht starting in July.

“And the yacht, I bought it, the name was called the ‘My Way.’ And at first, I was going to change it, but then I was like no leave it. My Way, I've done it my way,” Forchion says.

The good times for Forchion come after the 57-year-old endured stints in state and county jails and was a thorn in the side of seven New Jersey governors and countless law enforcement officials. It was all in the fight for his passion project - the legalization of marijuana.

“Of course, I feel vindicated. You know, I feel the last 20-some years of my life that I've been advocating for it has finally happened. But I also feel like it's not quite the legalization that I envisioned years ago,” Forchion says.

“This isn't legalization just because you don't have homegrown. How's it legal if you can't grow it in your backyard?” Forchion asks.

He says that he is not leaving New Jersey and that he plans to apply for a cannabis retail license for his Trenton shop.

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