GoFundMe for victim of apparent road rage incident raises thousands

News 12
News 12

A GoFundMe campaign for the victim of an apparent road rage incident in Elizabeth has raised more than $70,000.

Morgan Scott suffered three fractures in her neck, a broken femur, lacerated liver, broken ribs and an injured back when she was run over several times.

Authorities say that Scott was involved in a minor fender bender with Vincent Jean. When Scott was attempting to take photos of Jean’s car, officials say he ran her over several times.

Jean faces multiple charges, including attempted murder.

Scott is still in the hospital recovering. News 12 is told that her insurance company won’t cover some of her medical expenses.

Scott’s friend, Elizabeth Police Detective Darin Williamson, helped to start the online donation campaign.

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Grace Fusco

I wish I could help. this beautiful young woman has a long road.ahead. I will pray that she gets well throughout her whole body even the horrific memory of this heinous crime...

Steven Hart

praying for this girl..people these days we dont know with others will do to us it's so sad...I do not argue or fight with anyone and as you can see here you dont even have to fight back..Someone will just run you over poor girl..I'm glad we are all donating people these are our people we need to donate to not these fake I took a homeless man on..victims of hate and rage...I'm praying for her.

Cynthia Hall

Sending prayers up for complete healing that you can live a normal life again, I am so very sorry that this happened to you and may GOD be with you throughout this ordeal so that you can fight when you feel like giving up. HUGS & KISSES 💖💞⚘


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