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Coming of age … Bird at work on his directorial debut, Days of the Bagnold Summer.

There’s a lot more to Simon “Will from The Inbetweeners” Bird than meets the eye. As he’s said himself, he’ll probably never quite get away from his role at the posh one with the briefcase in three Channel 4 series and two films of Iain Morris and Damon Beesley’s teenage-angst-ridden sitcom. Although he had a damn good try as slightly less annoying son, Adam, in six series of Channel 4’s gone, but not forgotten, Friday Night Dinner.

Bird made his West End debut in 2017’s The Philanthropist with Charlotte “Ghosts” Ritchie, Lily Cole, Tom Rosenthal and Matt “Toast of London” Berry. In a three-star review, the Guardian’s Michael Billington described Bird’s performance as: “Funny rather than sad. Previous inhabitants of the role, including Alec McCowen and Simon Russell Beale, have made me think of Chekhov. Bird, sitting with knees locked firmly together and a compulsive grin on his face, evokes memories of Mr Bean.”

Bird’s first outing as a director came in 2020 with coming-of-age comedy drama Days of the Bagnold Summer, written by Bird’s wife, Lisa Owens, based on the 2012 Joff Winterhart graphic novel and starring Earl “Son of Nick” Cave, Monica “W1A” Dolan, Rob “Uncle Bryn” Brydon, Tamsin “Episodes” Greig, and Tim “Sidekick Simon” Key, with a score by Belle and Sebastian.

In a four-star review, the Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw described the film as “charming” and “gently satisfying”, which is saying something considering Bradshaw’s middle name is “not easily impressed”.

Now Days of the Bagnold Summer is getting a physical release for the first time (remember those?) – chock full of exclusive Winterhart artwork, interviews, video essays and, of course (unless the disc has fallen out), the film itself.

So what would you like to ask the ex-Footlights president and Crystal Palace-supporting father of two? Post your Qs in the comments below by 6pm on Sunday and we’ll print the As in Film & Music on Friday 22 April, as well as online. Although he’s already told the Guardian, that The Inbetweeners is finished. So probably don’t just ask him that.

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