Max Kellerman Thinks LeBron James Could Work as Lakers Coach

Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated

The ESPN host liked a caller’s idea of the 37-year-old taking over the head coaching position.

Following the Lakers ’s 2021–22 season ending on Sunday, the organization was quick to fire coach Frank Vogel .

So, who will replace Vogel for next season as the Lakers look to redeem themselves after missing the playoffs this year?

On ESPN’s show with Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams and Max Kellerman , a caller said he thinks a good replacement from Vogel would be LeBron James. His argument was that James would fit as a coach, and then whenever his son Bronny James is eligible for the NBA draft, he could sign him to his team.

Johnson and Williams immediately laughed at the idea, but Kellerman didn’t dismiss the idea right away.

“I actually like that idea,” Kellerman said. “It eliminates a big problem for the Lakers. You can have a player—coach, why not?”

Williams argued against Kellerman accepting the idea, saying James should not take that position.

“You do not want LeBron James having that much autonomy,” Williams responded. “If I were LeBron James, I would never do that because it puts too much onus on me about everything that has to be managed in the game.”

Kellerman thought otherwise.

“To me, it makes LeBron so accountable,” Kellerman said. “Like, LeBron, you’re the greatest basketball genius in the world. I don’t say that facetiously, I mean it. He’s like the basketball genius. You’re going to call the shots anyway, give him the responsibility and make him own it. If I were LeBron, I wouldn’t do it, but I would offer it to him.”

No official offers have been made to any coaching prospects, but James has already hinted that he plans to play again next season .

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