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That is actually really sad but till you watch somebody fall apart with cancer you’ll never understand I guess people look at it like they don’t want other people around them watching them deteriorate and having to take care of them very sad

Alabi 2k

Don't judge him until you've been in the same situation. My father went through chemo and radiation, but still passes away after what can only be described as a long miserable year. It was too far advanced, and he said at the end that he wished he had just focused on making the best of the time he had left and enjoyed Al! the things that the chemo and radiation look kept him from. He told me we if that he we was so orry for me all t by e terrible things he said to me and how h we treated me in that final year, but I knew the treatment was to blame. I promised myself there and then that I would not make the same mistake...and I ppl loan to keep that promise.


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