Janey Godley: Comedian accepts she ‘may be facing death’ after cancer ‘epiphany’

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The Independent

Janey Godley shared a powerful message about having “life-threatening cancer”, as she continues to update fans on her ordeal.

The stand-up comedian was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November , for which she underwent a full hysterectomy in January.

However, nine days after the operation, Godley learnt that she had stage three cancer. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy .

On Wednesday (23 March), Godley posted a picture to Facebook of her cuddling with her dog, telling fans she felt she may have had an “epiphany”.

“I have been resisting the fact I have a life threatening cancer,” she said. “I have tried to ‘fight and be strong’ instead of accepting that this whole year I just may be facing death or survival of something I have no real control over.

“I appreciate all the amazing support and I believe my mental health will improve if I just lean into the fact that this cancer is happening – I am not alone, millions of people survive this disease and living with it isn’t a failure – maybe I don’t have to fight every thing that happens to me and trust the science.”

Godley reshared the post to Twitter, captioning it: “Things might get better now.”

One supporter responded: “Acceptance is good. It doesn’t mean giving in, it means living with this beast and not letting it be in control. Let the science and medical staff do the battling, you do the living.”

Another fan wrote: “Absolutely right to think that way, there’s no point worrying about it, the [doctors] know what they are doing, and will do the very best for you, you know the treatment is working, as you are experiencing all the side effects, rest and go with the flow.”

Godley was forced to cancel the remaining shows of her comedy tour in November after being diagnosed with cancer while on the road.

Throughout her career, Godley has appeared on TV shows such as Have I Got News For You and is known for her impersonation of Nicola Sturgeon.

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