U.S. to provide Stryker army company to NATO battlegroup in Bulgaria


SOFIA (Reuters) -The United States has agreed to provide a Stryker mechanized infantry company for Bulgaria’s battlegroup under NATO’s drive to bolster its eastern flank after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said on Saturday.

“The USA agreed to provide a Stryker company,” he told a press conference with U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. “This is a strong sign to all of our allies in NATO.”

Bulgaria, once Moscow’s closest ally during the Cold War era but a NATO and European Union member state, is establishing a battlegroup of up to 1,000 troops under the operational command of NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe. The battlegroup is expected to host troops from other allied countries as well.

“I wanted to underscore the importance of the announcement that Bulgaria has established and is leading a NATO multinational battlegroup. It is an important step and we fully support it,” Austin said.

Petkov said Bulgaria would continue to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine and take in Ukrainian refugees from the war, but it was not considering sending any weaponry to Kyiv for the time being as his Black Sea country was too close to the conflict.

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More taxpayers dollars being blown overseas while people are struggling financially in America. Shame on the Imperialist politicians who care more about war than their own people.

John Hood

My opinion is Russia will eventually take Ukraine without NATO help. After Ukraine, what other free country would be next? We are on the edge of a third world war. End game may not end nuclear as both sides fear nuclear weapons, but a conventional war would make it almost as deadly. The earth cannot end without a World Government that hasn't been materialized yet. Maybe that is what this war is for. To set up a World Peace Treaty. The war is started to destroy the current monetary system and start a one world economy based on one currency.

your mom

hunter bidens lab top is now officially proven true and authentic. hence the fake war


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