Did Abbott Know About Foster Care Trafficking?

Reform Austin
Reform Austin
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Governor Greg Abbott may have fought off his Republican primary challengers, but now he’s under fire as yet another foster care scandal comes knocking at his door. The fact that Abbott was apparently caught unaware is leaving some people scratching their heads. For the past seven years, the...

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Patriot Jaxson

Abbott didn't know about the trafficking, but Mayorkas and the Democrat Administration is well aware of it because of their open Border agreement with the Mexican Cartels.


It’s funny how people blame Biden and anyone other than the governor over Texas. You can blame the open borders. You can blame it on the rain, but if Abbott funded the system, kids would be in an environment where safety was first. He is worried about cells in a woman's body but not the living and breathing kids. I hate all Republicans and everything they stand for.

H. Wolfe

Stop it, 🛑 it. can we stop being Republican or Democrat and just be decent human beings and come together and solve the problem the children are bearing the brunt of us not being willing to live together and work together like America should. America not Democrat not Republican not red not blue, but red white and blue Americans!❤️🤍💙🤎💛🖤 for we are doomed as a country if we don't get it together I'm not preaching at anyone I'm talking for myself and everyone else we've got to stop this while we can.


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