‘1883’s LaMonica Garrett Reveals Role That Would Be ‘Pinnacle’ of His Career

The hit Paramount Plus series “1883” has put breakout star LaMonica Garrett on the map and his career is heading skyward.

LaMonica Garrett played tough guy Thomas on “1883” who helped the Dutton family make it to the west. Garrett starred alongside big names like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Sam Elliott in the series. He more than held his own and his “1883” work has given his acting career a huge boost . Playing Thomas on the series is the biggest role yet for the former football player and slamball player. He’s also had high-profile roles on a couple of other hit television series like “Sons of Anarchy” and “Designated Survivor.”

In an interview with Looper , LaMonica Garrett talks about his time on “1883” and says he has his eyes on a new role. He’s played DC Comics Universe characters Monitor and Anti-Monitor in a couple of television series. It is another superhero character, however, that Garrett calls his dream role.

“My dream role in any setting would be to play John Stewart, Green Lantern,” he says. “I’m this huge, huge John Stewart fan. Every Halloween I dress up as John Stewart, it seems like. Green Lantern would probably be the pinnacle for me. I could hang them up after that and drink a beer somewhere on the beach.”

While he may or may not get to be Green Lantern in the future, “1883” fans hope to see plenty more of LaMonica Garrett. Thomas was one of the few survivors to make it out of the season still alive.

“I think he’s there, watching the kids grow up,” he says. “It’s significant that it was Thomas telling Shea that one of these kids might have a kid and that kid grows up to be someone that changes the world.”

LaMonica Garrett Talks About His Time on ‘1883’

Garrett is one of the show’s breakout stars after turning Thomas into a favorite among fans of the “Yellowstone” prequel. The actor calls it “poetic” that Thomas survives the ordeal all the way to the end.

“He ends up being the one that’s in two of these kids’ lives to see that happen,” he says. “The way Thomas grew up, he didn’t have that father figure. He didn’t have a family. He didn’t have someone to guide him and add structure or teach him the way things work. It’s poetic that he’s the one that does survive and he’s the one that’s helping shape these children’s lives.”

Now with his star on the rise because of “1883,” LaMonica Garrett is ready for the next challenge.

“I don’t think any of them,” he says. “Every job I do prepares me for the next job, because it seems like each job, the weight gets a little bigger. My roles get a little bigger, and I’m growing as an actor. Each project I do is a little bigger than the last, but this one was so unique — riding horses and cowboying, and you’re in the 1800s.”

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