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Stimulus Check: 20 States and Cities Offering Universal Basic Income

By Victoria Santiago,


Due to the pandemic, some cities and states have started offering aid in the form of universal basic income. UBI is different than normal stimulus payments, which are typically a one-off thing. UBI payments are recurring. Currently, the cities and states listed below are offering UBI programs.

Universal Basic Income in Alaska, Arizona, and Alabama

Residents of AK have been getting checks under the Alaska Permanent Fund. Last year, the payment went out to 643,000 residents, for a total of $1,114 per person.

Struggling families in Phoenix, AZ can get $1,000 monthly payments. To qualify for the universal basic income program, you can’t earn more than 80% of the area’s median income.

Birmingham, AL is offering payments for single mothers. 100 mothers will be able to get $375 every month for a year.


Los Angeles has started a UBI plan for low-income workers. 3,200 families will get monthly payments of $1,000 for a year.

In Oakland, 600 families will be getting payments of $500 for 18 months.


Chicago, IL is offering $500 monthly payments to 5,000 households for a year.

The Carolinas

Low-income dads in Columbia, SC can get $500 payments. The payments will go on for months.

Durham, NC is also offering $500 payments under their Excel pilot program. Their payments are for people that have previously been incarcerated. They last for a year.


There are two universal basic income programs in GA. Firstly, 650 Black women will get monthly payments worth $850 for two years. Secondly, 300 residents in Atlanta will get $500 per month for a year.

Jackson, MS

Jackson, MS is providing low-income, Black mothers with $1,000 a month for one year. Over 100 moms will benefit.

Louisville, KY

Young adults in Louisville, KY can apply to get $500 monthly payments. 150 people between the ages of 18 and 24 will benefit.

Minneapolis, MN

200 families in Minneapolis will get $500 a month for two years. To qualify, annual income must be at or below 50% of the area median income.

Newark, NJ

400 residents of Newark will get payments for two years. Half of them will get $250 biweekly. The other half will get two payments of $3,000 per year.

New Orleans, LA

Monthly payments of $350 will be going out to teens in New Orleans, LA. They will last for 10 months. The payments are part of the state’s literacy program. Residents must be between the ages of 16 and 24 to qualify.

New York

2,400 artists in NY will get $1,000 payments over 18 months.

Another program in NYC will give $1,000 a month for three years to 100 mothers.

Rochester, NY will give 175 low-income families universal basic income. They’ll get $500 monthly payments for a year.


Philadelphia will give 60 people $500 a month for one year.

Pittsburgh will give 200 households $500 monthly payments for two years.


110 residents of Shreveport, LA will get $660 monthly payments for a year. To qualify, residents must be a low-income single parent.

Washington, DC

According to The Sun, moms in DC will get monthly payments worth $900. The payments are going to 132 new and expectant mothers.

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