Zendaya’s Seashell Squarespace Super Bowl Spot Suddenly Spotlights Andre 3000 – Seriously


After teasing Squarespace’s Super Bowl commercial in a stunning blue mermaid-inspired dress, Zendaya turns heads – and twist tongues – in a spot featuring a random André 3000.

It all begins with a simple tongue-twister. “Sally sold seashells by the seashore.” Enter Sally – aka Zendaya – who is selling her seashells out the side of her van at the start of Squarespace’s Super Bowl LVI commercial. But, as the narrator says, the seashells didn’t sell so well, so Sally got to work. In the spot, directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Baby Driver, Last Night In Soho), Sally set up her Seashell website on Squarespace, and business started booming. The seashell success saw Sally (again, Zendaya) switch into several swanky suits and seaside outfits, including a really swank high-waisted pair of sailor pants. At the end, this commercial turns out to be a sea shanty spun by a sailor, Outkast’s André 3000.

“As a creator myself, and a Squarespace customer since 2018, I understand the importance of having an online presence that truly represents you and your business,” said Zendaya in a Squarespace blog post about the commercial. “I was incredibly excited to have the opportunity to work and create with Edgar Wright on a story narrated by André ‘3000′ Benjamin.”

Zendaya was giving us summer vibes right when we all need it in the dead of winter with her refreshing Super Bowl teaser. The top of the preview starts off with an intriguing spiral seashell and the text “everything to sell anything.” In case we didn’t get the pun, the word “sell” then transforms into “shell.” The camera then panned out to a steamy shot of Zendaya glancing over her shoulder with curly beach hair as she unleashes her inner mermaid.

She then stole focus as the star of the commercial as she twirls around and reveals her ocean-like blue dress bedazzled with seashells. After showing off her dress, she struts off and rejoined what looks like to be a beach party. What Squarespace has to do with seashells, besides sharing the letter “s,” is still a mystery but it seems the Euphoria actress is going to use the website to monetize her seashell collection, as per Adweek.

Inquiring minds will have to wait until the Super Bowl to find out how she plans on doing that. Fortunately, sports fans or those who tune in for the commercials (guilty!) won’t have to wait too long into the Super Bowl to find out. The aquatic-themed Squarespace ad is set to air during the first quarter of the game.
Zendaya on the red carpet ( David Fisher/Shutterstock)

Zendaya’s look in this commercial is a big shift from the getup she sports in Euphoria. In the HBO Max hit, she plays Rue, a high schooler who suffers from anxiety and drug addiction. The dramatic TV series follows the lives of high schoolers and the real-life struggles they face with absolutely no sugar coating.

Aside from her successful career, the actress has a thriving love life as well. She’s dating Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland. Even though the two are on the top of their acting game, they’re still prioritizing their relationship and even have their sights set on marriage and kids. “Just like any other serious couple, they have talked about what their future holds, including getting married and having kids together. They both want the same things when it comes to a family,” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. For now, Zendaya sees marriage happening in the near future as she focuses on her career.

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